TRX — The Smart Way to Get Fit Outdoors

TRX — The Smart Way to Get Fit Outdoors

If you’re into exercise, you may sometimes feel like there’s always a new piece of equipment or exercise method on the market to explore. TRX is one of those options that has been around for a while but continues to gain traction with fitness junkies.

Here’s everything you need to know about TRX to bring it into your next workout.

What is TRX?

TRX was developed by a former Navy SEAL named Randy Hetrick. While he was deployed, he noticed a flaw in his own workout regimen. He was supposed to be training every single day to stay in top shape, but he didn’t have access to gyms or equipment on deployment.

TRX was his solution. He had packed a ju-jitsu belt in his bag, and he strapped it to his door to create a suspension training system, which later became what we have as TRX today. He found that he could make modifications to the belt and its setup to change up his training, favoring some muscle groups over others and switching up his exercises.

When he returned from deployment and ultimately went to Stanford Business School after he left the Navy SEALS, he perfected his concept and, ultimately, brought it to market.

TRX — The Smart Way to Get Fit Outdoors

How does TRX work?

TRX is a system/method for suspension training that involves two straps. The setup is simple and very customizable. You can throw the straps over a doorframe, hang them from a ceiling, or even attach them to other equipment in the gym for a multi-use setup.

Once you have the straps set up, you can do virtually any exercise you’d do without the straps, and the challenge of the added resistance from your own bodyweight makes the moves more difficult. Think pushups, squats, sit ups, and planks that are even more challenging on TRX than their regular counterparts.

TRX — The Smart Way to Get Fit Outdoors
TRX — The Smart Way to Get Fit Outdoors

What are the benefits?

There are tons of benefits of the TRX system. The first is possibly the most unexpected—improved balance. Because of the perceived instability of the straps, your body works overtime to stay in balance. This also makes your muscles work harder, improving core strength in particular over time.

Many top athletes even use TRX to stay in shape, and because you can take the straps anywhere, it’s a great option for people who travel often and get sick of hotel gym setups.

How can I get started?

There are a few options if you want to add TRX to your exercise lineup. The first is buying the straps direction from the TRX company. You can set them up in a variety of ways in your home, and the straps will come with explanations for many of the most common exercises you may want to try.

Another option is to find a gym or studio that has TRX options. Many HIIT-based (high intensity interval training) studios incorporate TRX moves into their classes to burn out specific muscle groups in a short amount of time. The benefit here is that you’ll be carefully guided through each move and can try out TRX before committing to the whole system yourself.

Ultimately, TRX is one of many great options on the market for high-quality training equipment. If you’re looking for something portable and highly customizable to your own routine, give it a shot and let us know what you think!

TRX — The Smart Way to Get Fit Outdoors