Flying High With A Successfull Duo

Flying High With A Successfull Duo

The combination of the Pilatus aircraft PC-12 and PC-24 makes Jetfly one of the most successful private airlines in Europe, but also the duo behind the firm.

Despite small ups and downs during the Covid-19 pandemic, Jetfly's managing directors, Cédric Léscop, a passionate pilot and successful manager and strategist Maxime Bouchard remain on track.

Ein Duo auf Erfolgskurs

Mr. Bouchard, what was the history of Jetfly before and after you acquired it in 2010?

Maxime Bouchard: Jetfly was founded in 1999 by two enthusiastic aviation entrepreneurs and supported by investors. In 2010, the company was put up for sale, at which point we teamed up with new investors to buy the company. At that time, we had already been working together for two years to start our own company.

When we were offered the chance to take over Jetfly, we did not hesitate because the concept and its philosophy corresponded precisely to our ideas. Cédric is an aviation enthusiast and already had quite a bit of experience in the field, and I am a passionate entrepreneur and had experience in finance and business consulting.

“After ten years with Jetfly we did not regret our decision once.”

Ein Duo auf Erfolgskurs

And what are your plans for the following years?

We are convinced that our business model will continue to develop. On the one hand, it saves a lot of time, which can be converted into economic profits through shorter and more efficient trips. On the other hand, it also has ecological advantages, because several means of transport are not needed for these trips.

There is a saying in the United States that goes "no plane, no gain". In Europe, private aviation still suffers from its elitist reputation, but this changes when the advantages over commercial aviation get explained. Airport procedures became considerably more complicated after the attacks in New York, and since Covid, boarding takes even longer.

“It is vital for our customers, to have a solution, which protects the environment and their families.”

Ein Duo auf Erfolgskurs

We have many new requests, especially from big companies that already spend large budgets on travel.

However, we do not want to grow infinitely, but to develop our structure in terms of quality and maintain the feeling of a large family both among our customers and our employees.

In fact, we have very few dropouts, and 100% of our customers said in our last survey that they are delighted with our services. It is important to us to get to know and meet our customers personally at least once a year or to call them to find out how they are doing. We want to maintain this unique contact, and therefore we are not going to increase the number of customers beyond a certain amount of clients.