FASTFOOD MEETS GOURMET: Winkler’s Summer Pop-up 2021

FASTFOOD MEETS GOURMET: Winkler’s Summer Pop-up 2021

Since June 18, 2021, the Winkler brothers are waiting for you again at Gerda Koppelmann˜'s Blumenparadies & Palmenhaus in their unique food truck. The stand was already very successful in 2020 and this year puts its culinary focus on a very special PIZZA.

Winkler's Summer Pop-Up is the most exclusive pop-up in Kitzbühel this summer.

One look at the menu reveals that this is not an ordinary food truck. From gazpacho to truffle fries to Winkler's famous Wiener Schnitzel of veal, everything is available. You can even enjoy the Kaiserschmarren with local cranberries every Sunday. The two dishes are well-known from the TV show "Kitchen Impossible", recreated by the famous cook Tim Melzer. Winkler’s dishes are simply fabulous. Moreover, Winkler's Paella is prepared over an open fire on Fridays (by reservation, between 19:00-19:45).

Winklers Summer Pop-up 2021

The absolute highlight of this year's pop-up menu, however, exceeds all expectations: the caviar pizza. Called "Black & Yellow", the pizza, with a base price of 14 euros, is individually topped with 30 -125 grams of caviar. With 125 grams of caviar in the "Gold Edition", the price is 160 euros, making it probably the most luxurious food truck in Austria.

In addition to this special, pizza lovers will also find variations with buffala or goat cheese. Desserts such as panna cotta or tiramisu are also on offer. The drinks menu is also varied and atypical for a classic food truck. A selection of wines, beers and various long drinks make the gourmet spectacle perfect. Hugo, gin & tonic or espresso martini - everything is available, even to take away. More unusual drinks are also on the menu: the Yuzu Sour (citrus sake, tonic & soda) is particularly recommended, but the Negroni also does well.

Behind this gourmet highlight are the famous Winkler brothers - Christian and Markus Winkler, who also run the restaurant Auwirt in Aurach near Kitzbühel. Since 2000, the Winkler brothers have been active in the private dining & catering sector and offer At Home Dining, as well.

Most recently, Christian Winkler was praised by Roland Trettl on "Kitchen Impossible" (29.03.20, season 5, episode 8): "For me, Christian is one of the best chefs in Austria, if not the best (...)".

Indulge yourself in a culinary and mobile treat, treat yourself to some time out at the Winkler family's food truck: an absolute must this summer. You can still drop by until 29.8. The food truck is open for you between 11.30 am and 9.00 pm. It's worth it! (Monday and Tuesday are closed)