The COVID-19 pandemic completely turned our habits and everything we have taken for granted entirely upside down.

So does travel as we have known it so far. Overcrowded waiting halls in airports, with 130 people sitting together for several hours in a cramped space, are things that cause us discomfort nowadays.

Traveling in a private jet offers a comfortable and safe alternative. The company Jetfly is one of the largest providers in private aviation with 50 aircraft, 300 employees, including 120 pilots, and 300 customers. Even with small turbulences caused by a pandemic, Jetfly cannot be deflected from its course.

We talked to the owners Cédric Léscop and Maxime Bouchard, about how they experienced the Corona period.

The need for privacy is also increasing when traveling

In March 2020, the Covid19 pandemic suddenly breaks out. Were you as affected as the scheduled airlines?

Our situation is not comparable to that of scheduled airlines. We are much less dependent on classic holiday flights. We suffered a major crisis for almost three months, during which all air traffic was suspended.

From the moment flights were possible again, our customers immediately began flying and understood that it was not prohibited. In April, we also carried out some repatriations of customers who were still stranded abroad at that time and wanted to return home. These were relatively few flights compared to last year, but our service was highly appreciated.

One argument in our favor is that private aircraft customers do not need to _ with other, unknown passengers. Private jets offer a great option to be able to travel even in pandemic times.

The need for privacy is also increasing when traveling

Is there not a danger that working methods could change significantly and that fewer trips are necessary?

We do not believe this, as our customers already only travel when it is necessary. For example, when they have to meet partners and customers or sign a contract. Such circumstances will continue to exist in the future.

The need for privacy is also increasing when traveling
The need for privacy is also increasing when traveling

The Covid crisis has helped raise awareness of the impact of aviation on the environment. Is this not even more true of private aviation, which transports fewer people at once?

Aviation does get bad press. However, it is only responsible for 2% of greenhouse gas emissions, and private aviation accounts for only 2%. This must be set in relation to the positive economic impact of the people we transport, and we must be aware that aviation provides hundreds of thousands of jobs in Europe.

Nevertheless, we need to address environmental impact, and to do this, we have several solutions: we have selected the most fuel-efficient business aircraft in the world. The Pilatus PC-12, a single-engine propeller aircraft, has a much lower fuel consumption than a jet.

In addition, we offer our customers a compensation program. They can participate in financing more environmentally friendly means of production for food production and energy production or planting trees. In addition, we are following the development of biofuels that can reduce emissions by up to 30%. We are in the process of implementing this solution, even if procurement is still tricky. Hydrogen is also very promising. Our customers are aware of these problems and demand solutions.