BACK TO BALANCE: 3 Extraordinary Retreats on Ibiza

BACK TO BALANCE: 3 Extraordinary Retreats on Ibiza

To those who look or feel better than ever: congrats, warriors. To all others: we feel you. The last few months have been harsh. Not only for our bodies but also our souls. Home workouts are not the same as going to the gym and at some point, eating clean without getting bored became tricky. Now that traveling experiences its comeback, the time has come to start working on our balance again. Are you ready to get your mind and your body back in shape?

For this purpose, we couldn’t think of a more suitable location for a retreat than the beautiful island of Ibiza. The Isla Blanca, the white island, as Ibiza is also called, has much more to offer than its famous nightlife. Hardly anyone can escape the mystical charisma. Today the legacy of the island with the unique energy and a solid spiritual streak is carried on by the many meditative offers such as yoga or meditation such as the wellness and spa opportunities on the island.

La Granja

Anyone who needs an actual change should visit the farm retreat La Granja. There are various offers around slow food, yoga, and music. The center of the farm is a classic Iberian guest house with five rooms dominated by light tones and natural materials. Wood, stone, linen in gray, beige, and terracotta create a unique atmosphere. The farmland of La Granja in the heart of Ibiza covers ten hectares - and the most delicious ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine grow on it: melons, tomatoes, citrus fruits, almonds, figs, carrots, and so many more. However, these wonderful ingredients are not only the basis for the famous country kitchen of the small holiday retreat. They are also learning material for guests. In workshops, courses, and projects, you and the local farmers learn everything there is to know about sustainable, organic agriculture.

Atzaró Agroturismo

What a vibe! This luxury hotel and spa is located in the beautiful countryside of Ibiza. If you are into yoga, pilates, and meditation classes, this might be the right place for you. Atzaró offers classes daily, and advanced Yoginis can even book full retreats or teacher training on demand. As La Granja this hotel emphasizes the concept of “agroturismo”. Agritourism connects agriculture and tourism, which means respecting nature while traveling. Moreover, the sanctuary is rich in orange groves and lavender gardens, enabling its guests to unwind and relax.

Yogarosa Ibiza

Yogarosa is a holistic yoga retreat: a combination of yoga asana flow, pranayama meditation, and reflection. Everything is possible: taking a single yoga class or spending a longer time at Yogarosa. The location is extraordinary, but there is something unique about this retreat: If you crave a real detox, you just found your perfect match. Yogarosa offers an Ayurvedic-Hawaiian colon cleansing. The retreat is held by professionals using herbs and minerals to heal and clean organs from harmful toxins. In six days, visitors also participate in sound healing, meditation, and consultations to support their bodies’ cleansing. They are also encouraged to eat well through cooking workshops and the five elements diet. The diet is customized for each attendee to take account of pre-existing medical conditions or intolerances and improve digestion. But there is more: to complete your experience, you can book a Thai massage, Reiki healing, or Bio-Resonance therapy.